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Our online 11 Plus course is made to help parents get their children into Wiltshire grammar schools. Learn more about our 11 Plus help in Wiltshire here!

11 Plus Help Wiltshire

The 11+ race for a space is on in Wiltshire with only two local grammar schools, namely Bishop Wordsworth’s School and South Wilts Grammar School. With few places available at just two Wiltshire grammar schools, you’re going to need all the 11 Plus help in Wiltshire you can get!

Thankfully, you just discovered 11 Plus Success. We provide an online course that caters to both of these grammar school entrance exams. Our course is focused on these specific tests and formats, as well as being affordable and convenient for families.

A Course for the 11+ Exams Wiltshire

The two local grammar schools use different exam types to grant places. Bishop Wordsworth’s School uses the CEM variation of the exam, whereas South Wilts Grammar School uses the GL Assessment variation.

The good news is that our online course caters to both. We have content that matches topics with what will be tested in each exam covering all the major themes – and even in the correct formats. Familiarisation and studying our content will accurately prepare your child for the exam they are going to take.

Don’t choose generic 11+ help and choose our course made for the tests in Wiltshire.

Why Choose 11 Plus Success?

But it’s not just about familiarity. Yes, our course is made for Wiltshire’s youngest scholars, but it’s also:

  • Available any day or time online, working around extracurricular activities and other revision sessions
  • Granting parents monitoring access with their own log-in details
  • Affordable compared to competing resources and textbooks
  • Made with engaging lessons and provides instant feedback
  • Created by expert 11+ tutors who know their stuff

Access 11 Plus Tutors Wiltshire

Premium members will also benefit from access to local Wiltshire tutors who are experienced in helping children get into a local grammar school. We’ve partnered with the cream of the crop to ensure your child only receives the best individual 11+ tuition. They can help with any areas for improvement identified within the online course, and they can assist with specialisations required by the school.

Uncover the Best 11 Plus Help in Wiltshire, Now!

Start getting 11 Plus exam help in Wiltshire instantly by clicking below. It’s highly competitive, but you’re just a few clicks away from improving your child’s chances.

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