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Steam to the Front of the 11 Plus Race with Our Summer Intensive Online 11+ Course

Preparing for the 11 plus course is a marathon, but it might need a few sprints along the way!

The race for grammar school places has been blown wide open due to COVID-19 and school disruptions. Just because homeschooling has become the new norm, doesn’t mean your child can’t get into a Grammar School.

Our online 11 plus course is an intensive way to make sure your child is still on track for 11 plus success. It involves all the same materials of our celebrated annual course, but with an intensive programme that will get results.
Listen to the '11 Plus Success Intensive Online Course' Creator Anu Verma in the following audio with an introduction to the online course.

The Summer Intensive 11+ Course Is Born…

Our online 11+ course was made as a year-round solution to prepare for the exam, packed with interactive features and engaging structured lessons covering real 11+ topics. 

When the race is on, turbocharge your child’s learning with our intensive online 11+ course. You can still overtake other children with our help

11+ plus intensive summer course

What Can You Expect?

  • Greater understanding of 11+ exam content and what to expect
  • Improved motivation and increasing confidence
  • Insider tactics to answering difficult 11 plus questions
  • Advanced knowledge of all four components of the exam

Follow the 'Course Modules' link for the full course content.

The following subjects are included in the course:


  • Improved vocabulary
  • Increased syntax awareness and understanding.
  • Go beyond what is learned in school English lessons.


  • Excel beyond the Mathematic National Curriculum.
  • Improved understanding of algebra, ratios, percentages and fractions.
  • Long division and multiplication become easier and faster.

Verbal Reasoning

  • Your child becomes a savvy English problem solver.
  • Analyse sentence structures effortlessly.
  • Increased confidence at dealing with unique English questions.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Make sense of unusual shapes and patterns fast.
  • Develop critical awareness skills.
  • Tackle unusual questions never seen in other tests.
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Sample Lessons and Questions

'Data handling and Representation' lesson

'Volumes and Nets' lesson

Benefits of Our Summer Intensive 11+ Course:

  • Specifically created to help after COVID-19 Disruptions
  • Comes complete with a schedule to stay on track
  • Get ahead of other grammar school applicants fast!
  • Made bespoke by 11+ tutors for the exam’s content (not generic Maths/English questions!)
  • 100+ interactive, video & written lessons
  • 8000 11+ exam questions to instil learning and practice
  • Always available 24/7
  • Cheaper than paying for private tutors
  • Optional bonuses such as affordable virtual private tutors

During the craziness of current times, there is a real opportunity for parents to put their children in prime position and get ahead of other grammar school hopefuls!

Seize this limited opportunity, today!

"The results just came in and I have got a place at Rugby High Grammar School. I have been invited for a Foundation Award Interview. Thank you so much for helping me."

Miss Mara P (Student)

Avoid these Mistakes by Choosing Our Intensive 11+ Course

  • Instant access to resources which can shoot your child up the rankings
  • Not waiting for school lessons to restart or your tutor to become available again
  • A schedule that keeps your child on track for the following weeks
  • Not an ineffective schedule that makes your child lose motivation
  • Specific lessons that meet the requirements of this unique exam
  • Not generic lesson plans that do not really help with the 11+ test
  • Real-time feedback and explanations that are simple to follow
  • Not leaving your child to figure out why they did not get it right
  • A worthwhile investment that is cheaper than alternative effective options
  • Not reusing lots of free resources that are outdated and irrelevant
  • No need to start the car, learn from the comfort of home any time of day!
  • Not driving to meet tutors at parents’ inconvenience

"The results are in…our daughter scored 231 in her Warwickshire Entrance Exams which is much higher than previous average qualifying scores of 215 and 222. Thank you for your support.”

Mrs Rosie P (Proud Parent)

Different Packages for Your Needs!

As a private tutor, my charges are £30 per hour and this can be an eye-watering amount if your child starts preparing at the optimum time in Year 5.

Even if you chose just one hour of tuition per week, the cost of preparing for the 11 plus exam in this way will exceed £3,000.  If a place at an excellent Grammar School is on the line, this isn't a bad investment at all – but it’s not the best investment!

Not to forget that a single hour per week is unlikely to help your child make the developments they need to be one of the best young academics in the region. They will require more frequent support that is accessible throughout their week, whenever they need it!  

And this is why the 11 Plus Success Online Course was created.  I wanted to place all of my knowledge and expertise onto an online course which could be available to all students 24/7 and be used as an additional resource along with tutoring sessions.

Each of the three preparation packages at 11 Plus Success aim to deliver beyond what would be achieved with tuition alone, with an added sprinkle of 24/7 convenience.   Best of all – 11 Plus Success always makes it the more affordable option for hard-working parents!

free 11 plus practice paper

Summer Intensive Package

Pay as you learn!

£ 54.99

  • One-time fee of £54.99 for three-month access
  • 3 Day FREE Trial
  • Study 24/7 all days
  • English, Maths, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Over 100 interactive, video & written lessons
  • Over 8000 Exam Questions
  • Certificate of Achievement

Try for Free - Access the complete course for 3 days, if you wish to cancel you will not be charged a penny. No questions asked.

Instant Access - After entering your information and payment details, you will directly receive an email with your login details.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Testimonials - Don't just take our word for it!!

Nikki subscribed her son to the 11 Plus Success Online Course and he has enjoyed the fun lessons and progress checks.

Sally subscribed her granddaughter to the 11 Plus Success Online Course to help her during a stressful period of exam preparation.


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Enrol on Our 11+ Summer Intensive Programme, Now!

Parents have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get their children at the front of the race for a grammar school place. Don’t pass up an opportunity like this.  Invest in the very best 11+ resources made by experienced 11 plus tutors.

“Our daughter scored 243 in her Warwickshire Entrance Exams. We are so pleased with her score. Thank you for all of your efforts and hard work, we really appreciate your help.”

Mrs Zenovia. S (happy parent and customer)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. 

If you're not satisfied with the course then we're not satisfied so just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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