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Book Your Online 11+ Mock Exam - Available From February 2021!

Book Our Exclusive 11+ Mock Exam to Improve Your Child’s Chances of 11 Plus Success!

11 Plus Success is now offering a series of online 11+ practice exams. These exams will be available on a selection of dates and times, so your child has an opportunity to experience what a real 11+ exam is really like.

Our 11+ mock exams include:

  • 100% real 11+ exam questions
  • Questions for both the CEM and GL Assessment test
  • Timed sections just like the real exam
  • Instant results and feedback for future improvements

It’s Not Just About Studying!

Preparing for the 11 plus exam by studying the correct materials and using resources like our celebrated online 11 plus course is fantastic. But there are further ways to improve your child’s chances of success, and most importantly, securing a seat inside a grammar school classroom.

By experiencing the exam format under identical time constraints, your child can become more comfortable with the process and boost their confidence for the big day!

How Does It Work…

We make the process of booking your child’s 11+ practice exam easy and convenient.

First, we have produced multiple dates and time slots for your child to sit the exam so it can fit around your current family schedule.

The exam is 100% online, so it can be sat from the comfort of home, easing your child into the test’s demands without added pressure.

  1. Choose the 11 plus mock exam and time you want to book
  2. Pay for the test
  3. We then send you unique log-in details to access the exam (these details are only active for your chosen slot!)
  4. Your child sits the exam and the exam is timed just like the real event
  5. You receive instant feedback after submitting the test as well as detailed feedback at a later date.
  6. Use the feedback to improve your child’s knowledge in their weaker areas

And that is how our 11+ online practice papers can help your child get into their preferred grammar school!

What You Need to Sit the Exam

To complete the exam, you won’t need much. You should complete the exam using a desktop or laptop computer. You may be able to complete it with a tablet or smartphone, but it is highly recommended to use the former options.

We also recommend having some paper and a pen to hand so your learner can work out the answer if needed. Keep a spare pen or pencil nearby just in case the other one runs out or stops working.

Remember, the exam is timed just like the real 11+ exam!

After The 11+ Mock Test

Our exams are fantastic at preparing your young learner for the test, giving them a unique taste of what is to come. It will make the big day less daunting because they will have already experienced the time pressures and real 11+ questions.

But the key benefit of taking our exam is right after sitting it when we zip you a report of how your child performed.

You receive a detailed report of the four aspects of the 11+ exam. Use this to identify which areas your child struggles with the most, so your future study lessons can iron out any issues.

It’s that simple and effective!

Book Your Limited Place, Today!

Our mock exams have limited slots available so do not miss out by booking your child’s spot today.

When a place at your chosen grammar school is up for grabs, and competitions fiercer than ever, make sure your child gets the best opportunities with our exclusive 11+ mock exams!

Our current available dates and slots are (click to buy):

GL Paper 1

GL Paper 2

CEM Paper 1

CEM Paper 2

GL Mixed Papers

NVR Paper 1

March 6th / 7th 2021

NVR Paper 2

May 1st / 2nd 2021

NVR Paper 1

April 3rd / 4th 2021

NVR Paper 2

June 5th / 6th 2021

GL NVR Maths Paper 1

July 3rd / 4th 2021

VR Paper 1

March 13th / 14th 2021

VR Paper 2

May 8th / 9th 2021

 VR Paper 1

April 10th / 11th 2021

VR Paper 2

June 12th / 13th 2021

GL NVR Maths Paper 2 

July 10th / 11th 2021

 Maths Paper 1

March 20th / 21st 2021

Maths Paper 2

May 15th / 16th 2021

Maths Paper 1

April 17th / 18th 2021

Maths Paper 2

June 19th / 20th 2021

GL Eng VR Paper 1

July 17th / 18th 2021

English Paper 1

March 27th / 28th 2021

English Paper 2

May 22nd / 23rd 2021

English Paper 1

April 24th / 25th 2021

English Paper 2

June 26th / 27th 2021

GL Eng VR Paper 2

July 24th /25th 2021

11+ Mock Exams for Year 4 Students!

It’s never too early to prepare for the 11 plus exam. If your child is in Year 4, starting with 11+ resources now could put them ahead of the competition for a grammar school place. Use our mock exams for Year 4 students to assess where you’re at right now.

Don’t worry, by starting today you can still make the right improvements to ace the test!

Mock exams available in GL Assessment as well as CEM examining boards.

  • X 2 GL
  • X 2 CEM

11+ Mock Exams for Year 5 Students!

Year 5 grammar school hopefuls should be getting stuck into their 11+ preparations. Some students may have started last year, but with the right resources your child can still catch up. Take our Mock exam to see how well you are performing.

Mock exams available in GL Assessment as well as CEM examining boards:

  • X 8 GL
  • X 8 CEM

11+ Mock Exams for Every Subject!

Want to uncover how well your child is performing in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning? These are the key components of the 11+ exam and are crucial if you want to get an acceptance letter to your preferred grammar school.

Take the mock exams to assess how well you are performing in each of these subjects:

  • X 2 English
  • X 2 Maths
  • X 2 Verbal Reasoning
  • X 2 Non-Verbal Reasoning

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. 

If you're not satisfied with the course then we're not satisfied so just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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