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Transfer Test Entrance Exam Help in Northern Ireland

Get 11+ and Transfer Test Entrance Exam help in Ireland with 11 Plus Success. Our course is designed to help study for grammar school entrance exams in NI too!

Transfer Test Entrance Exam Help NI

Wondering how to support your child’s preparations for grammar school entrance exams in Ireland? One of the most proven and convenient methods is to choose the 11 Plus Success online course. Readily available online and packed with relevant lessons made by tutors, we make sourcing Transfer Test Exam help easy.

Help with the Transfer Test Exam

Our online course provides an array of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • The most relevant topics and question types
  • Tasks and lessons using interactive features and gamification to maintain motivations
  • Instant feedback and hints on how to approach the most challenging questions
  • Parental log-in details for ongoing and remote study monitoring
  • Always online and convenient with no bulky books needed!
Transfer Test Entrance Exam Help in Northern Ireland

But, Isn’t 11 Plus Success Just for 11+ Exams?

11+ exams were discontinued in Ireland as part of proposals to abolish grammar schools. However, there was a fierce backlash and the grammar schools remain with the Transfer Test Entrance Exam now working as the local 11+ exams. They’re not that different from the previous 11+ tests. Maths and English now make up the bulk of the exam, and there are even rumours of verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning questions being reintroduced in the not-so-distant future.

For these reasons, the 11 Plus Success online course is still highly relevant as a way to prepare for the Transfer Test Entrance Exam, both the GL and AQE versions of the test. Using our course will appropriately and conveniently ready your child for their Transfer Test Entrance Exam, its topics and questions formats.

Our Premium Transfer Test Help Package

Premium subscribers to 11 Plus Success will also benefit from Transfer Test Entrance Exam tutors in Ireland. We have partnered up with selected tutors based on their Transfer Test Exam knowledge and experience. They’re on hand to provide in-person or remote sessions to our premium members at their convenience. Find out more by clicking the button further below!

Get Transfer Test Entrance Exam Help, Today!

Support your child in their early academic journey in the best way possible by joining our community of parents and aspiring grammar school students. To learn more about our online Transfer Test Exam course, hit the button below!

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