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11 Plus Success is not just a hub for worried parents and young learners. We are here to help and support 11 plus tutors. Tutoring is a challenging and important job, so we want to make it easier for you.

Coming up with innovative and effective ways to explain topics with your students is challenging and time-consuming. So, what if you had access to a complete 11 plus resource that covers every aspect of the test?

There is so much to take advantage of at 11 Plus Success. Come and see what’s on offer and revolutionise your 11 plus teaching with our resources.

With our help, your sessions can become better and more valuable!

Leave the dusty books at home and join a revolution in interactive tutoring!

Our Online Course Is for 11+ Tutors Too

You might have heard already, but 11 Plus Success offers an online 11+ course full of interactive lessons with instant feedback. Accessible from anywhere, this course has been helping young students prepare for real 11 plus topics and questions, readying them to take on the exam.

Tutors, you can now gain access to the course by recommending the course to your students at special discounted rates.

But this course is not just useful to grammar school hopefuls. 11 Plus Tutors can now sign up to our course and access high-quality lesson plans. Save time on your 11+ planning and marking with the help of our online course that gets results.

But that’s not all…

Get Other 11+ Tutoring Resources from Us!

We offer plenty of other resources for tutors to benefit from, including:

#1: A Complete UK Grammar School Guide

Tutors already know the 11+ exam can be a mysterious beast. But we can make it easier to find out what type of 11 plus exam your students will take, with our complete grammar school guide.

All 163 grammar schools are covered on our website, which will help you to tailor your sessions to each student’s needs, depending on what grammar school they are applying for.

#2: Vocabulary Lists

A student’s vocabulary is crucial if they want to ace the exam. Often we tell students to read more to increase their vocabulary, but there are things you can do inside of the classroom too.

11 Plus Success has provided a complete vocabulary list with the words that most students at this age get wrong or fail to understand. These words aren’t just difficult for Key Stage 2 learners, but they often appear on the 11 plus test.

Use our vocabulary list in your next lesson. We have even added the most effective ways to use it in your sessions!

#3: FREE 11+ Practice Papers

Tracking your students’ development is important, and we make that an easier task for you with our free 11+ practice papers.

We offer free practice papers suited to both the GL Assessment and CEM exams – and we include a complete answer sheet. Give these to your students as homework or work through the exam questions together as part of your lesson!

#4: FREE 11+ Worksheets

Another great resource you can use as part of lessons or for homework are our 11 Plus Success worksheets. These worksheets will prepare your students for real 11+ questions and help you identify areas for improvement.

We currently have 12 free weekly worksheets for you to use. Don’t miss out!

#5: Other FREE 11+ Reading List

You can make your lessons stand out by offering free advice to students and their parents. One way to do that is to recommend the best reading materials.

Why not use our recommended reading list - full of adventure and wonder - to help your children enhance their English skills? Children love these books and parents love the attention to detail you offer.

#6: Tutor Account Recommendations

Your students can sign up to the course at special tutor rates and you have full access to your students accounts where you can check progress and identify areas for improvement.

This option would also be an ideal solution if you require new and innovative material during your tutor sessions whether it's online or as one-to-one sessions.

 We understand that coming up with course materials and lesson plans can be a challenging and time-consuming task so this option would be a great way to spare you some valuable time. You will also be reassured that everything your student would need to know for their 11+ Entrance Exams is available within our online course which is constantly updated with fresh resources.

Discover Tutoring Tips and Advice

We are always keeping up with the latest scientific research when it comes to education and studying. To keep everyone in the loop and so you can provide unique tips to parents, we report recent studies and findings via our blog posts.

For example, did you know…

  1. Writing in red ink can boost our memory. Writing in blue ink can make us more creative!
  2. If the scents we smell while studying are present during an exam, then it helps us recall information better (tell parents not to switch their laundry powder before the exam!)
  3. One study suggests 82% of primary school workers believe their students’ mental health is getting worse due to stress and anxiety. There are fun ways for children to experience mindfulness, and you can learn about them on our informative blog.

Tutors will also find detailed information on the 11+ exam’s four main components (Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning) and much more.

Get amongst our free resources and information to make your services even more valuable (£££!).

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