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11 Plus Success offers parents and children help to take on the 11 Plus exam Cumbria. Learn how we offer results-driven 11 Plus help in Cumbria, here!

11 Plus Help Cumbria

If you need 11 Plus help in Cumbria – you just found it!

11 Plus Success offers parent-and-child teams an effective way to study for the local 11+ exams. There is only one grammar school in Cumbria, namely Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, so getting a place here can be even more competitive than normal. But with our online 11 Plus help in Cumbria, we can maximise your child’s chances of getting a place.

Read on to learn about one of the most effective, affordable and convenient ways to prepare for the 11 Plus exam Cumbria.

Cumbria 11 Plus Exam Help

Queen Elizabeth uses the CEM variation of the 11+ exam. Any child wanting to get accepted here should prepare for the exam with this in mind, studying for the same topics and formats used within the CEM test. This is made simple by choosing our online 11+ course.

Our course is made to prepare pupils specifically for the CEM test. With our resources, lessons and feedback, your child isn’t wasting time (or your money!) on irrelevant subjects. Moreover, they won’t be surprised by different question formats and tasks when it comes to taking the real test.

The 11 Plus Success Course Explained

The major benefit of using our course is that it’s designed to help study for a place at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. But that’s not all!

Choosing our course means having exclusive access to:

  • Lessons and interactive tasks set by proven 11+ tutors
  • Online accessibility at any time of any day
  • Instant feedback and tutor tips and hints
  • Parental log-in details for monitoring progress
  • Membership freebies and additional resources
11 Plus Help in Cumbria

Offering 11 Plus Tutors in Cumbria

Not only is Queen Elizabeth the only grammar school in Cumbria, but it attracts a lot of attention from families in the North East where there are currently no grammar schools. Competition for places is exceptionally fierce, but our premium members can improve their chances by taking advantage of one-on-one or group local tutoring. We’ve teamed up with the best 11 Plus tutors in Cumbria to increase your child’s chances.

Benefit from 11 Plus Help in Cumbria Now!

Uncover further details about our 11 Plus course and our local tutoring services by getting in touch. Your child’s successful 11+ journey starts with a single click!

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