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Dorset families gather round! 11 Plus Success now offers 11 Plus help in Dorset with a proven course and local tutors to help your child ace the Dorset 11+ exam.

11 Plus Help Dorset

Is your child applying for a place at a Dorset grammar school? Maybe you’re hoping to get into the sporty and musical Bournemouth School for Girls, or how about the internationally connected Poole Grammar School? Whatever school you’re hoping to get a place at, you’ll need to ace the Dorset 11+ exam.

11 Plus Success offers excellent 11 Plus help in Dorset through our online course. Our course is tailormade to help families in Dorset with lots of conveniences. Click the button below or keep reading to find out more!

The GL Assessment 11 Plus Exam Dorset

There are four Dorset grammar schools, meaning there are not a lot of places up for grabs. All four schools use a variation of the 11+ entrance exam developed by GL Assessment. This exam covers four main themes and uses a strict questioning format. It is essential that your child prepares for these topics and question types to score well and maximise their chances of being accepted.

Our online 11+ course has been developed to cater to the GL Assessment exam variation. We will guide your child through all of the main topics and formats of the exam they will take. This ensures studying is focused and effective, and it increases their familiarity and confidence when taking the real test. 

The Benefits of Using 11 Plus Success

The overarching benefit of choosing the 11 Plus Success course is that your child will be studying for the Dorset grammar school exam they will need to sit. Not a second is wasted when using our course – and neither is your money!

Other benefits of choosing our course include:

  • 24/7 access online for ultimate convenience 
  • Engaging and interactive lessons made by tutors
  • Parental monitoring available
  • Valuable feedback and top hints on how to tackle unique 11+ questions
  • Freebies and exclusive content for all members
11 Plus Help in Dorset

Access the Best 11 Plus Tutors in Dorset

Dorset grammar schools are overwhelmed with applicants each year, making it even more difficult to get a place. There is no pass mark; only the top-performing students will be admitted. If you want to support your child’s preparations further, you can always become an 11 Plus Success premium member and get help from our Dorset 11+ tutors.

We’ve carefully selected local tutors with experience in supporting Dorset families through the process. They’ll provide one-to-one tutoring to maximise your child’s potential and 11+ knowledge.

Discover 11 Plus Help in Dorset Today!

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