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Grammar school hopefuls needn’t look further for 11 Plus help in Kent. 11 Plus Success has an online 11+ course and tutors to help you ace the 11 Plus exam Kent.

11 Plus help in Kent is right here at 11 Plus Success. We can support your child with an online course that will prepare them for the specific entrance exams across Kent. No matter what grammar school you’re hoping to get a place at, from Barton to Wilmington, we are your 11+ study solution.

Kent is renowned as the back garden of England, and it’s also where you’ll find more blossoming grammar schools than anywhere else in the country. Kent Medway boasts six outstanding grammar schools, and there are over 30 other Kent grammar schools scattered around the rest of the county. But just because there are more places doesn’t mean it’s any less competitive. Your child still needs to study right!

Study for the 11 Plus Exam Kent Correctly!

Grammar Schools in the Medway region use a unique exam that is based on the CEM variation of the 11+ test. However, schools across the rest of Kent use The Kent Test, which is based on the GL Assessment exam variation.

Confused? Don’t worry – all you need to know is that our online course has been purpose-made to prepare students for both these test types.

The course includes relevant and focused content and formats that mimic the grammar school entrance exams in Kent. Whereas other 11 Plus resource providers give generic content, our course actually prepares your child for the test they’ll take, maximising their potential to succeed.

Who Are 11 Plus Success?

11 Plus Success is a business entirely dedicated to making preparing for the 11+ exam as stress-free as possible. We get that parents have aspirations for their children to get into a grammar school, and we understand that those parents can feel helpless at such a crucial time.

11 Plus Success puts the power back in parents’ hands by giving them the opportunity to subscribe to an online course purposefully made to help children preparing for the Kent exams. It provides 24/7 access online around your family life, and it means getting all your study materials from under one roof. We even provide parents with their own log-in details to monitor and see their child’s progress for themselves. 

11 Plus Help in Kent

Need an 11 Plus Tutor in Kent?

Our premium package comes with further opportunities to put your child ahead in the race for a place.

11 Plus Success has partnered with select 11 Plus tutors in Kent to provide in-person tuition as a bonus to our course. These tutors can help with areas of improvement identified within the course, and any specialisations that local tests will demand, such as creative writing.

Get 11 Plus Help in Kent, Instantly!

Uncover more about our 11 Plus course in Kent by hitting the button below. It could be the first step in your child’s academic journey!

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