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11 Plus Help in Manchester

Uncover our 11 Plus help in Manchester with 11 Plus Success. Our 11+ course can supercharge your child’s potential to get into a Manchester grammar school.

There are seven excellent grammar schools in the Greater Manchester region, but getting your child into them via the 11 Plus test isn’t easy. Your child will need to be among the top performers in the entrance exam. The good news is that parents can get 11 Plus help in Manchester through 11 Plus Success. We have an online course, resources and local tutors that ensure you prepare for the Manchester exams in the best way possible.

When their academic future can hinge on one test, make sure you prepare right!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Loreto Grammar School hopeful or wish your child to attend Urmston Grammar Academy. We have the most relevant study aid for all Greater Manchester grammar school entrance exams – and it’s affordable!


Our 11 Plus Exam Manchester Course

The 11 Plus Success course is provided through our online platform, giving children and their parents 24/7 access and a relevant study program that works around your family schedule. Parents will receive their own details to monitor their child’s studying and progress. The content of the course covers the four pillars of both the CEM and GL Assessment versions of the 11 Plus exam. Manchester grammar schools use both these variations, meaning every local learner can benefit from our respected course.

The 11 Plus Success Online Course

Choosing our online course over others means:

  • Choosing study materials geared to the Manchester entrance exam versions
  • Choosing a course designed by experienced 11 Plus tutors
  • Choosing to give your child an optimum chance of getting accepted
  • Choosing an affordable and convenient study programme
  • Choosing a community of 11 Plus parents and additional freebies 
11 Plus Help in Manchester

Recognised 11 Plus Tutors in Manchester

As part of the 11PS Premium Package, we offer students the opportunity to receive one-to-one tuition from an expert 11 Plus teacher. We have partnered with proven tutors in the Manchester region to bring you localised and highly relevant 11+ exam help.

Our Manchester 11+ tutors are equipped to help your child with any speciality aspects of local exams. For example, St. Ambrose College uses its own entrance exam that is similar but not identical to the GL version. If you plan on applying to St Ambrose, our local 11+ tutors could put you ahead of the competition.

Learn More about 11 Plus Help in Manchester

Like what you hear? Find more details of our 11 Plus exam help in Manchester by clicking the link below. Supporting your child’s future with the best 11+ study materials is a smart move!

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