Here you can e-meet the team behind the 11 Plus Success Online Course.

Anu is the brains behind the course and has over 15 years of teaching & tutoring experience at KS2, KS3 and GCSE level, as well as specifically tutoring for the 11 Plus Grammar School Entrance Examinations. She has worked the length and breadth of the UK from Bournemouth to Manchester -  and even tutored students online. Anu has now given up these roles to dedicate her time to launching the new 11Plus Success Online Platform.

By combining extensive tutoring experience and detailed 11 Plus Exam knowledge, the 11 Plus Success Online Course can really make a difference to students who are looking to gain a place at their chosen Grammar School.

Let’s hear from her now. Read on as she tells us why she set the course up, why it’s the best 11 plus platform available and what’s in store over the coming months…

Anu Verma


My teaching & tutoring career began whilst I was studying for my Masters degree in 2003 and this is when my passion in helping students excel in their studies, began.  Since graduation in 2004, I have taught in schools at GCSE & KS3 level and have tutored in group and 1-2-1 settings at GCSE, KS3 & KS2 levels in the core subjects of Maths, English & Science.  I have been an 11 Plus Tutor for Manchester, Trafford, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Bournemouth & Poole Grammar Schools and have taught online for students in other areas of the country preparing for Berkshire, Kent, Reading, Wolverhampton and Wiltshire Grammar Schools.  I have also taught students Internationally in India, Singapore, China, Philippines and Europe who have been looking to gain a place at a UK Grammar School.

Having such a vast range of experience in both the CEM County Durham University and the GL Assessment Examining boards taught me everything I needed to know to help students pass their Grammar School Entrance Exams and gain entry into their chosen schools.

As well as preparing students for the Grammar School exams, I also prepare students for the Independent School Exam and have had exceptional success in this with four of my students who gained full scholarships having scored 90-98% at the highest-achieving Independent schools in both Manchester and Warwickshire.

With the exam questions changing every year, it is my utmost priority to ensure that I keep up to speed with these changes and to keep my online platform regularly updated with the latest materials and questions that are likely to arise.  

With the help of Maths and English exam writers and experts in this field, the course already has over 100 modules which consist of interactive, animated whiteboard, written lessons and over 5000 exam questions which are fully automated and give instant results so there is no marking involved.


The accessibility of education is important to me. I understand that having a tutor can be beneficial, but some families simply do not have the money nor the time to use a tutor. These tutors can really help students to get into Grammar Schools. Yet, some families would be better off with something cheaper, something more convenient, something like an online learning tool.

There need to be further options out there for families to use other than a tutor. Many tutors are simply unaffordable, or they do not match the flexibility needed in the day-to-day life of the family. Not to forget that some students learn in other ways and a tutor may not tick their boxes so they need a way to prepare for the 11 plus exam that works for them.

I stopped teaching though continued with private tutoring in 2019 so that I could dedicate my time and energy into making 11 plus tutoring more accessible. That is how my 11 plus course was born.

My overarching aim was to offer a platform that simplified 11 plus exam preparation. It has to be simpler, affordable, flexible and easy for the whole family.

There are already some great tools, papers and books that can help with 11 plus exam preparation, but I did not believe that any of the alternatives were detailed enough or user-friendly.  It has taken around three-times longer than I expected it to, but finally, my 11 plus platform is here - and it delivers and exceeds on all of my expectations.  

It is better to be over-prepared than just-prepared and with my online platform, your child will be just that.

Steve proudly share's his story about his daughter's journey in the Grammar School exam preparations.

Some personal recommendations from previous clients:

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Mrs Omnowumni

“Anu is a very brilliant tutor who knows exactly what she is doing. Great with the kids and they always look forward to seeing her and they have improved so much”

 Rehannah Mian

“Anu is brilliant and so relaxed. She really got the best out of the kids and guided them throughout their exam period. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her”

 Florina Borsan

“Very experienced tutor and the kids love her. Always happy and positive, it is a pleasure studying with Anu”

Monica Dougall

“Amazing tutor. Engaging, insightful and always pushes her students to do their very best. Always on time and has excellent innovative learning methods. Couldn’t recommend enough”