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When 11 Plus Competition Is Fierce, You Could Do with Some help

Hi there, I’m Anu, the proud owner of 11 Plus Success and all that it stands for. As an experienced 11 plus tutor and mum, I know the difficulties of preparing for the 11 plus exam with first-hand experience. The exam itself is a little mysterious because it is not like any other exam that you can simply solve by picking up a study book and getting to work.

That’s why I developed the 11 plus preparation course that I offer on my website – but this isn't about that right now. This is about free 11 plus help for every reader. I top up this section of my online blog with plenty of informative articles to help prepare for the 11 plus exam. I want my platform to be more than just a course, but to create a community where parents and children can come and pick up extra tips that will help them succeed and advance.

The content you will find here is centred around making studying and preparations easier. That may come by discussing study tips, providing more detailed information, and of course, supplying you with recommendations based on scientific and educational research. From the right colour pen to use when taking notes to how to deal with unmotivated children, all of the common questions get answered here.

The content is for both parents and their children. It can be used, shared or completely ignored as you wish – but it has all been uploaded with the intention of making your preparations easier. Even if just one tip is used, it may make all the difference for your child and the overall result. You’re here because you want your child to get into a grammar school, and our 11 plus help content has the same ambitions.

Stay tuned throughout your 11 plus journey as we will be constantly updating our content so you can access new tips, tricks and the latest methods to achieving success!

 All of our 11 plus help content is 100% free and works great with your 11 plus preparation, either with or without our tailored 11 plus course. Enjoy!
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