Our Vision, Mission and Values Statement


We are preparing your children for the Grammar School Entrance Exams and the rest of their future, with superior training resources that instruct on Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning for students of all learning types.


With our seamless processes, methods, and outstanding results, we are instilling the utmost confidence in parents and their children that our resources are the most comprehensive Grammar School preparation option available, and one that they’ll need to invest in their child’s education.


Convenience & Easy Access

No matter where you are, what device you’re on, or what you need from the course, you can access it all from the comfort of anywhere you’d like! According to your schedule and your needs, your child can study and prepare for their entrance exams without any unnecessary commutes.


You no longer need to print out booklets, mark items off, or check in on every task, it’s all automated! Just get them started and your child will be on their way as fast as they’d like with no trouble from you.

Backed by Experience

Our material is backed by over 15 years of genuine, working experience from real tutors that have been preparing children from all over for their entrance exams and have succeeded for just that long. We know what it takes to pass and how to teach, which is why our materials are the only ones you’ll ever need.

Keys To Success

Our Vision, Mission and Values Statement

The children come first; we are here to educate, inspire, and empower the children that are looking to learn.

Be open to helping everyone; education has the power to uplift and inspire people of all backgrounds, circumstance, and need.

Broaden horizons; the entire basis of education is the idea of widening knowledge and discovery.

The test is the objective; at the end of the day, our services are to prepare the students for their test.


Built by real Grammar School tutors with over 15 years of experience working in the field, our online course holds the most complete and superior resources available for children preparing for their Grammar School Entrance Exams. Once applied to individual students, hands on and personalised, we have been able to adapt traditional teachings within methods that allow for a more enjoyable, retainable, tailored educational experience on a wider scale. 

With easy access wherever the internet is available, students can study and parents can keep track of their progress from anywhere. No need to travel to our location or schedule your schedule around study times, you don’t even have to print out or mark any booklets! The full automation and virtual tutor support allows for seamless, limitless access so that studying can happen on your time. 

Containing over 5,000 exam questions and 100 unique lessons, our material is meticulously curated to provide your children with complete coverage of all relevant subjects, modules, and training that will not only empower them with the right knowledge, but the confidence they need to succeed. Our team is genuinely passionate about seeing every student excel in confidence not only for their entrance exams but beyond and throughout their educational career, their ambitions, and their lives. 

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