Private One-to-One Tutoring

Additional 11 plus support at the click of a button!

Parents love our online 11 plus preparation course because it is a convenient way to help their child study and manage a busy schedule. They also choose our course because we are more affordable than private 11 plus tutors, while offering the same – if not better – results.

However, sometimes children get stuck on course lessons and need additional support to help them have that wonderful Eureka moment. This is why 11 plus success also offers private tutoring sessions that work alongside our tailored course. Book an online tutoring session here or even arrange to meet with an 11 plus expert.

These tutoring sessions are not needed by everyone, but they are always an option if your child needs a helping hand along the way.

Some of our course users may even be entitled to these private sessions as part of their package!

The Benefits of a Personal Tutor at 11 Plus Success

So, why choose to top-up our course with private 11 plus tutoring?

  • Overcome problems to continue with the course successfully
  • No commitments – book a single session if needed!
  • Get detailed explanations from 11 plus experts
  • Personal sessions just for your child
  • Grow your child’s confidence and help them stay motivated
  • Organise sessions around your busy schedule
  • Private tutoring that aligns with your 11 Plus Success course

Book Your Private Tutoring Session Now!

11 Plus Success offers two types of private tutoring. Parents can choose to book a one-on-one video session with an experienced 11 plus tutor for unrivalled convenience. Alternatively, they can request to meet up with an 11 Plus Success tutor in their area.

Online 11 Plus Tutoring

Online sessions are delivered through video technology, most often through Skype calls or Zoom. Parents and children enjoy these classes because they are convenient, and children feel comfortable when learning in a familiar environment at home. Parents are more than welcome to sit in on sessions, or for part of the lesson if they desire.

Simply turn on the computer and you’re ready for class!

Other 11 Plus Tutoring

It is also possible to book an 11 Plus Success tutor to come and deliver a session face to face. Each session will target the current problems your child is facing in their 11 plus preparations. These sessions are limited and will depend on current availability as well as your location.

Contact us to learn more about this service and if it is available to you.

This is a crucial period for you and your child. Taking advantage of specialised 11 plus tutoring online or in person will help you maximise the benefits of our course and the chances of earning a place at your preferred grammar school!

Why Choose 11 Plus Success Tutoring?

You could always use our online course and seek out a private tutor nearby for top-up sessions and additional help, right?

That is not a bad idea - but using the 11 Plus Success tutors is even more beneficial because they are also experts in the 11 Plus Success course. After all, it was these tutors that helped create our course in the first place. And they know it like the back of their hand.

You can even book private online 11 plus tutoring with Anu Verma, the owner of 11 Plus Success and decade-long 11 plus tutor. Anu has a string of success stories on her tutoring CV and is ready to make your child her next 11 plus conqueror.  

Choosing an 11 Plus Success tutor means:

  • Working with a tutor that already knows about the 11 Plus Success course
  • Vetted tutors with vast experience in tutoring for the 11 plus test
  • Tutors that can evaluate the progress your child has already made on the course
  • Friendly tutors who encourage and boost study motivation
  • High-speed internet connection so online sessions never lag

If you have additional questions about our 11 plus tutoring sessions, or to find out if you qualify for free sessions within your package, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team!