Intensive Course Start Date

You have four months access to our online 11 plus success course from the date of purchase. As this is an intensive course plan, it is vital that you chose a start date within these 2 months that allows your child to do 8 weeks of studying. 

During the 8 weeks, you will receive weekly emails, containing links to the sections that your child is required to study each day. These emails are vital in ensuring that your child has the best experience with the course and a great opportunity for learning. We understand that your child may not be ready to start the course straight away, therefore you choose a start date for these weekly emails that suit you. We recommend you choose a Monday as a start date.

Don't worry if you end up off track once the emails start being sent, you can always save the emails and catch up. Remember, you have a full three months access to this course from the purchase date.

If you do not chose a date, you will be sent the emails automatically after purchase.

Please ensure you type the email you used for your purchase of the intensive course.

Choose your start date for the 8 weeks
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