Berkshire Reading Grammar Schools

Kendrick Grammar School

Entrance Exam Dates: September

Ofsted Report: No new reports since being converted to an Academy, rated outstanding before conversion in 2012.

Test Type: CEM

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In Key Stage 3 all students follow courses in netball, tennis, athletics, swimming, gymnastics, dance, badminton, fitness, handball, table-tennis and volleyball. In Key Stage 4 students follow a programme involving a range of activities including: netball, handball, fitness, badminton, volleyball, pilates, table-tennis and basketball. In the Sixth Form, options include netball, tennis, swimming, handball, volleyball, badminton and use of the Fitness Room.

In Key Stage 3, students have four one-hour lessons of Physical Education per cycle (five lessons in Year 7). In Key Stage 4 students have up three lessons per cycle.

After school activities include hockey, netball, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, athletics and dance, and representative teams in all age groups regularly participate in matches and tournaments with local schools.


On-site facilities are sports hall, gymnasium, hall, swimming pool (indoor, heated), netball/tennis courts and a grass area. Off-site facilities are used at Reading University Whiteknights campus and Palmer Park Stadium. All members of the PE department hold formal, specialist teaching qualifications and individuals hold specific governing body qualifications for swimming, trampolining, and fitness training.

Extra Curricular

Kendrick offers a rich and varied programme of extra-curricular activities. The school encourages all students to participate in at least one activity during the school year and many choose to involve themselves in several. The main extra-curricular activities are PE and Music.


Kendrick considers itself a healthy school and had Healthy School status for many years. The school promotes the key themes of a heathy school programme including: healthy eating, physical fitness, emotional health and wellbeing and PSHCE.

Biometric payments for school services.

Kendrick School operates a cashless biometric catering service which has proved highly successful and beneficial. The biometric system is also used for photocopying services and student accounts must be credited via ParentPay before any printing or photocopying can take place.

Have App For Parents

ParentMail: We communicate with parents/carers by ParentMail. The type of information you can expect to receive from the school by email are:

  • The Weekly Update including a weekly letter from Ms Kattirtzi, Headteacher
  • Student reports
  • Event reminders
  • Subject specific news and events
  • Specific Year group letters and information
  • KPS events
  • Diary information

GCSE Results

Reading Grammar School

Entrance Exam Dates: September

Ofsted Report: Outstanding

Test Type: CEM


Boarding School

Pathway To Top Universities

Our students achieve outstanding results in public examinations, and the vast majority gain places at top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Participation In Competitions

We encourage boys to become involved in competitions such as the Biology, Chemistry, Linguistics and Mathematics Olympiads, where their knowledge and skills can be challenged and extended. In recent years, our students have been successful in national competitions, and represented the UK internationally in biology, geography and public speaking.

Focus on Partnerships

As well as local and regional partnerships Internationally, we have flourishing partnerships with member schools of the International Boys’ School Coalition in Australia, Canada, India and South Africa. In addition, our staff and students have been inspired by our developing partnerships with Sure24 Orphanage and Rainedge High School in Nakuru, Kenya.

GCSE Results

Reading Girls’ Grammar School

Entrance Exam Dates: October 

Ofsted Report: No new report since school re-opened in 2017. Previous reports evaluate school as inadequate in 2015 and only good in 2012.

Test Type: CEM

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Women In STEM
All of Year 7 and 8 spend one Tuesday a fortnight in STEM.

The STEM curriculum aims to enrich and develop students' skills in the STEM subjects in order for them to pursue careers and interests in STEM.

Pledge - Ensuring Students Are Well Rounded
At Reading Girls' School, we expect all students to achieve the PLEDGE, this is a combination of ten experiences that we believe all students should participate in at some point in their five year journey at Reading Girls' School.

Pledge 1: Regularly attend an after school activity
Pledge 2: Represent RGS in a sporting, cultural or academic event
Pledge 3: Take part in an residential programme
Pledge 4: Attend a national sporting, academic or cultural event
Pledge 5: Take part in a RGS production or event
Pledge 6: Take part in a formal presentation to an audience
Pledge 7: Be actively involved in an international experience
Pledge 8: Be actively involved in a community experience
Pledge 9: Participate in a fund raising event
Pledge 10: Help with the sustainability of RGS