Hertfordshire Grammar Schools

Dame Alice Owen’s School

Entrance Exam Dates: September  – Part I Entrance Examination – Verbal Reasoning September – Musical Aptitude Test – First Round September  – First round Musical Aptitude Test results sent out September – Friday 25th September 2020– Second Round Musical Aptitude Tests September – We aim to email test results for Part I of the Entrance exam (Verbal Reasoning) no later than this date. The highest ranked 325 candidates will be invited back for Part II (English and Mathematics). Candidates who ranked below 325 will be advised that they are not being invited to progress to Part II of the tests. The email will include the mark achieved in the Verbal Reasoning test. September  – Part II Entrance Examination – English and Mathematicshttps://damealiceowens.herts.sch.uk/admissions/key-dates/

Ofsted Report: Converted to an Academy. Rated outstanding prior.https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/23/136554https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/23/117579

Test Type: GLhttps://damealiceowens.herts.sch.uk/admissions/secondary-transfer/familiarisation-papers/


School founded in 1613.


Science is a key specialism with over 150 students taking an A levels in Physics, Biology and Chemistry annually.


The Music department has a concert hall, three specialist classrooms, numerous practice rooms, a recital and rehearsal studio and a recording studio. More than 500 students receive instrumental lessons and extra-curricular activities include four orchestras and bands, five choirs, an array

of ensembles and an annual musical production. Our Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, and Senior Mixed Chamber Choir have performed at the Royal Albert Hall, The Barbican, The National Festival Hall and the Llangollen International Eisteddfod with abundant awards

received. Academic performance is excellent too. Many students go on to study music either at university, including Oxbridge, or the Conservatoires.

Excellent Sports Facilities

Our sports facilities are excellent with a gymnasium, sports hall, all-weather pitch, tennis and netball courts, a sports pavilion and an extensive area of pitches.

University Success

Between 25 and 30 students receive offers from Oxford or Cambridge every year and the vast majority of our Sixth Form go on to study at a Russell Group University.

International Links

Beyond the school boundaries there are numerous opportunities including language exchanges and visits to our partner school in Tanzania.

Teaching School Status

As an outstanding School, Dame Alice Owen’s was successful in securing Teaching School designation in April 2013.


GCSE Resultshttps://damealiceowens.herts.sch.uk/about-us/results/

St Clement Danes School

Entrance Exam Dates:Academic Ability Test  September Musical Aptitude Test September ​https://www.stclementdanes.org.uk/1576/secondary-transfer-2021

Ofsted Report: Outstandinghttps://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/23/136901

Test Type: GLSouth West Herts Consortium of Schools.https://www.swhertsschools.org.uk

Academic test.https://www.swhertsschools.org.uk/academic-ability-test/

Music test.https://www.swhertsschools.org.uk/music-aptitude-test/



Musician enjoy an almost endless range of ensembles including two orchestras, two choirs and a jazz band, which provide opportunities for beginners through to National Youth Orchestra Members.


Along side core subjects students learn philosophy, personal development, business studies and the opportunity to learn French, German and Spanish.


Language exchange trips to Dardilly, Bilbao and Potsdam, art trips to galleries in New York and Venice. Students attend an annual athletics training camp in Lanzarote and football tour to the USA.

The School was designated a National Teaching School in 2013.


GCSE Resultshttps://www.stclementdanes.org.uk/185/results

Watford Grammar School for Boys

Entrance Exam Dates:Academic Ability Test September Musical Aptitude Test September https://www.swhertsschools.org.uk/calendar/

Ofsted Report: Converted to an Academy. Rated outstanding prior.https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/23/117573https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/23/136276

Test Type: GL

Academic test.https://www.swhertsschools.org.uk/academic-ability-test/

Music test.https://www.swhertsschools.org.uk/music-aptitude-test/



In 2012 Professor Lord Robert Winston launched the Watford Boys STEM Lab. The Lab is a collaboration between the school and the Wohl Reach Out Lab at Imperial College, London. It provides hands-on and engaging STEM activities and programmes for our students and teachers, as well as for those in other local schools. The aim of the STEM Lab is to raise aspirations, improve attainment and increase participation in Higher Education and STEM-related careers among young people. Annually, the Lab is used by students from many schools across South West Hertfordshire. The opening of our new STEM Centre in November 2017 has enabled the expansion of this outreach work.


Almost 300 students take instrumental lessons in the purpose built and award-winning Clarendon Muse Music Centre. Performances by the school’s 15 musical groups and choirs take place throughout the year in and out of school and we hold an annual music competition.


The School runs an extensive and varied range of trips, including:

• Annual Biology and Geography residential courses

• Annual History visits to World War I battlefields

• Annual French and German Exchanges

• Annual Year 7 Residential Activity Week

• Sailing trips

• Classics trips to Italy, Greece and Egypt

• Annual skiing trips

• Sports tours (most recently, rugby to Canada, Australia, Fiji and New Zealand; hockey to India, Holland, Australia and Malaysia, and South Africa; and cricket to Barbados and Sri Lanka)

• World Challenge type expeditions (recently to Malawi and Tanzania, Kenya, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru and Burma, Mexico)

• History trips to St Petersburg and Berlin

• Politics trip to Washington

• Art trip to New York


Students have the opportunity to study French, German, Spanish and Latin.

The school hosts a number of weekly Community Language Schools including the Watford Chinese School, the Al Amanah Muslim Supplementary School, the Bulgarian School and the Gujarati School. These schools provide a vital link with community groups in Watford.


GCSE Resultshttps://www.watfordboys.org/Results.aspx

Watford Grammar School for Girls

Entrance Exam Dates:Academic Test –  SeptemberMusic Test –  Septemberhttps://www.watfordgrammarschoolforgirls.org.uk/admissions/year-7-admissions/

Ofsted Report: Converted to an Academy. Rated outstanding prior.https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/23/117575https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/23/136289

Test Type: GL

Academic test.https://www.swhertsschools.org.uk/academic-ability-test/

Music test.https://www.swhertsschools.org.uk/music-aptitude-test/



Every year there is a wide scope of trips for all year groups, ranging from evening visits to some of the best theatre in the world and expeditions overseas. Many are based upon the curriculum to support and enrich work in the classroom, with others being designed to develop confidence and encourage girls to try new experiences and move out of their comfort zone. When we speak to former students who come back to visit us or to our Year 13 students, just as they are poised to leave the school, it is these trips which often form the basis of their fondest memories of school life.

Full list of trips on website below



All Year 7 students take part in at least three clubs a week.


Modern Foreign Language (French, German, or Spanish) or Latin

Classical Civilisation

Library skills

PACE (Personal and Citizenship Education): this includes Health and Sex and Relationships Education, Careers and Work Based Learning as well as Citizenship.



All year 7s keep a Reading Log, where they use the Reading Chilli Challenge to respond actively to their reading and can gain awards when they reach reading targets. It is possible to gain the Bronze, Silver, Gold and even Platinum Reading Award if you are a voracious reader! The school also celebrates World Book Day in style, with all year 7s dressing up in honour of their favourite literary character.


GCSE Resultshttps://www.watfordgrammarschoolforgirls.org.uk/about-us/exam-results/