Barnet & Bromley Grammar Schools

Barnet Schools

Henrietta Barnett School

First week of September Round One Entrance Test
First week of October Round Two Entrance Test

Ofsted Report: Outstanding

Test Type: CEM
Published 19th September 2017
Published 12th September 2018


Science (brand new custom labs), design (CAD design studio & MAC Suite) and music.

Complete refurbishment of the Main Building Science wing over three floors providing tailor made suites for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Sports courts for Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Football and Volleyball.

An Art and Design and Technology Wing including two inspirational Art Studios, a Workshop and Computer Aided Design Studio

Weekly clubs and societies:

Queen Elizabeth’s School (QE Boy’s Barnet)

Entrance Exam Dates

September Entrance Test

Ofsted Report: Applied to convert to an Academy. New school entity hasn’t had a section 5 inspection. History of the school which preceded the new academy are available on the site below.

Ofsted Report: Outstanding

Test Type: GL


University placement

Students go on to place at Oxford 7 Cambridge
141 students placed at Oxford & Cambridge between 2014-2018
1st World Robotics Champions in 2018 - infographic on page 15

Bromley Schools

Newstead Wood School

Entrance Exam Dates

The Selection Test will be held in September. Details confirming timings will be sent out in the first week of September.

Ofsted Report: Outstanding

Test Type: GL


Sixth Form block, a dedicated Music Block, a Technology Block and Engineering suite, Sports Hall, and, of course, our Tennis Centre.
Last year our GCSE results placed us 15th in the country for attainment and our GCSE English results ranked 5th in the country.

There are many opportunities to develop talents in sport and music along with Duke of Edinburgh, Young Enterprise and Community Sports Leader Awards.
From the school prospectus

Specialist advice for students applying to Oxbridge or a medical career in addition to there UCAS support - page 9, paragraph 4

Offer Chinese, Japanese and Latin for Key stage 3 & 4 students.
There are established peer and academic mentoring programmes between students in different year groups

Based on the 2019 GCSE results students excelled in English literature and language, chemistry, biology, physics, religious studies and maths by receiving a level 9 grade.

In 2019 11 girls achieved grade 9 in all subjects

St Olave’s Grammar School

Entrance Exam Dates

September Stage 1 Entrance Test (SET)
November Stage 2 Entrance Test (for those invited)

Ofsted Report: Outstanding

Test Type (GL/CEM)
Neither. Set by school.


Based on the 2019 GCSE results students excelled in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics by receiving a level 9 grade.
Academic, sporting, cultural and moral excellence is celebrated and encouraged, within and beyond the classroom. Our co-curricular programme is outstanding; sport, music, drama, DofE, clubs and societies are very strong.

Olavians will be encouraged not to be preoccupied by the fear of failure, but be prepared to give things a go even if there is a risk of not succeeding.
From the school prospectus

Recently added 6th form/music block, two excellent libraries and the newley converted sports/drama hall.

Focus on music with a student full Symphony Orchestra, choir and Jazz band.
Busy calendar of drama productions.

Some students compete in the finals of the Cambridge Union debating competition.

23.Kingston Upon Thames Schools

Tiffin Girls School

Entrance Exam Dates

September Stage One Test
November Stage Two Test (by invitation)

Ofsted Report: Outstanding

Exam Provider

Exam board not specified

What are the admission tests like?

The admission tests are in English and maths. Past papers are not available.
The Stage One Test will be multiple-choice style tests. All answers will be entered on an answer sheet that is marked by computer.

If you have further questions, please check the school website Year 7 admissions section ( or contact the Admissions Office on Note: we do not respond to questions about the tests themselves or questions that would otherwise disadvantage other girls.

Stage One: English and Maths, partly multiple choice, similar to both GL and CEM style

Stage Two: English and Maths, set by the school. Previous tests have included comprehension, a writing task and standard format maths questions.

Based on last year’s exams, we received a lot of feedback suggesting that the first round test at Tiffin Girls’ School was very similar to the first round test used by the grammar schools in Sutton, known as the Selective Eligibility Test. Both exams consist of multiple-choice Maths and English papers with similar timings and question types. The most significant differences seem to be how answers need to be marked on the answer sheet as well as the number of questions in the English section.

The Stage 2 English exam consists of an open-answer reading comprehension and a writing test. Last year, there was allocated reading time for the comprehension passage before students could answer the questions. Extracts that have come up recently include a story of a woman who was hiking in the Rockies, a passage from Tom Brown’s School Days and a poem called ‘The Moment’. Question formats included rewriting sections in the first person, explaining the meaning of words and plenty of long-form responses that required evidence to back them up. The Writing task in previous years has included provided story endings or specific requirements of how the story needs to be structured.

The Maths exam contains a few arithmetic questions followed by plenty of challenging word problems, covering topics such as time zones, speed/distance/time, simultaneous equations and algebra.

For The Tiffin Girls’ School, please click here for the most up to date information relating to the 2019 exams for entry in 2020. - links to site above but publication date not given.

  • The Stage One Test will consist of an English paper and a Mathematics paper and both will be multiple-choice style tests.
  • Past papers are not available.
  • All answers will be entered on an answer sheet that is marked by computer.
  • The Stage Two Test will test the core subjects of English and Mathematics.
  • The Stage Two Test mark will be in a ratio of 60% English and 40% Maths.

Published 6th February 2020


We have prizes to inspire students of all ages across the school in composing, performing and the value of contributing to the school and wider community.

Theatre Song-Writing Prize
A composition between 1 and 4 minutes for voice and piano using a short passage of lyrics.

The Tiffin GirlsComposition Prize
An original composition of between 1 and 3 minutes for any solo instrument(s) accompanied by piano or harpsichord inspired by a painting.

The Tiffin GirlsSchool Ensemble Prize
Awarded to the ensemble which demonstrates the most impressive levels of progression, team work and commitment.

13 different music performance groups at the school such as chamber choir and a Symphony Orchestra.

Extra Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities
Tiffin girls are expected to participate fully in the opportunities available to them beyond the classroom. There are a wide range of extra curricular and co-curricular activities on offer, including drama, music, sport, debating, Model United Nations and the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

Based on there GCSE results 90% of students received grades 9-8 in the following subjects in 2019:

  • 91% Spanish
  • 90% Cheminsty
  • 90% Religious education
  • 90% Music

Founded in 1880
School’s mottosapere aude– dare to be wise.

Tiffin School (Boys)

Entrance Exam Dates

September Stage One Test
November Stage Two Test (by invitation)

Ofsted Report: Outstanding

Exam Provider

The school does not reveal the exam provider, as they try to produce a level playing field for all candidates.
Article Published 4th Dec 2017
Tiffin School chooses not to reveal details of its exam provider for Year 7 testing.

What are the admissions tests like?

The Stage One tests are in English and maths. There are no past papers.
All answers will be marked on an answer sheet that is marked by computer.

How does my son answer the Stage One Tests on OMR sheets?

For the English paper, your son will choose his answer from some options. Below are two examples of how he would mark his answer:

In the first example, on the left the answer selected is H.
For the second example, on the right the answer selected is P.
A line is drawn through the letter. It may go outside the red brackets, but MUST NOT cross the outer blue line.

What should my child bring with them to the tests?

He should just bring his identification details on the paper slip that we will send to you, a SMALL drink and a snack. We will provide pencils and erasers.
All information will be in the letter we send regarding the test day.

Should you have further questions please email:


It has a specialist status in performing arts, languages and sports

At Tiffin, we believe that education is about more than just academic success; it is also about developing the whole person, and we provide the opportunities and encouragement for students to engage in a quite extraordinary range of activities that will encourage and cultivate commitment, leadership, teamwork, initiative, responsibility and confidence. In particular, we invest in a breadth of curriculum that reflects our specialist interests in the Performing Arts, Languages and Sports.

Have purpose built dance studio

Excellent sports facilities.
7 aside 3g football pitch, indoor and outdoor cricket nets, a 6 court hall for badminton, a full sized basketball court and outdoor practice hoops. We also have a sprung floor studio where we currently run ballroom, salsa and dance classes.

Based on there GCSE results 90% of students received grades 9-7 in the following subjects in 2019:

  • 100% Greek Classic (small class size only 10 pupils - which maybe be a selling point to some perparents)
  • 94% Physics
  • 93% Chemistry
  • 92% Latin
  • 89% Biology