11+ Exams Delayed Until November – What Now?

With each and every one of us facing uncertainty in one way or another during the Coronavirus pandemic, schools are no exception from all of the disruption. With schools being shut for a long period of time, the Department for Education says that no child is going to reach their maximum potential in a test during September.

Since Grammar School entry tests usually take place in September, recent Government releases have stated that the 11 Plus tests should be pushed back until as late as November. With the disadvantage caused by such a loss of time spent at school, it will enable pupils to get back into the school routine before being tested.

Choosing Schools

With exams being pushed back, so are results! Selecting school options without results may feel risky, not knowing whether your child has qualified for their first choice. The Government has acknowledged this issue and has encouraged local councils to offer an additional preference option, but this will differ dependant on location. Parents have been advised to pick a non-selective secondary school as an option in case their child’s results are unknown before the 31st October deadline.

Exam Precautions

As with all schools in the country, every possible safety measure will be put in place to ensure safety of their pupils when it comes to the 11+ test. From being well separated and undertaking the exam in well-ventilated halls, the setup will be different to normal. Depending on facilities, the test sittings may need to be staggered and anyone unable to take the test due to Covid reasons (symptoms or shielding) may have an option to take the test from home.

Planning Revision

Certain schools have offered support over the Summer/ Autumn months to help families since pupils have been out of the classroom for nearly six months, but again this is dependant on your local facilities. For those who feel at a disadvantage, we would highly recommend squeezing in that extra bit of study to be as prepared as possible.

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Good luck and happy studying!

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