Top tips for parents working from home

As well as turning you into a teacher, it’s likely that the COVD-19 pandemic has also turned your work routine upside down at the moment too and that you’re working from home.  The situation many working parents are finding themselves in is completely unprecedented – working from home with no access to childcare or support from family.  In this article, I provide my top tips for parents working from home and provide a number of strategies that you can use to make your new and very unique situation slightly easier.  


If another adult is living in your house, try and split your schedule so there is always someone on hand to watch the children.  This might mean that you have to get creative with your working hours, with one adult working around when the children are awake perhaps, but you’ll have a much better chance of getting things done if you work this way.

Be honest with your employer

You might need to make adjustments to your work schedule in order to watch your children. Before you do, talk to your boss or HR. Explain your situation. Provide a clear action plan.  This will help to manage expectations from the start.

Routine is key

It’s important that you maintain a daily routine that will help to keep everyone occupied and also manage any anxieties associated with such a big change.  

Give the kids choices

You’ll find that giving your children input into their daily schedule and meals will help to build their independence and allow you to get more unbroken time for work.  Perhaps set up difference activity stations for the kids throughout the day for them to choose from.  

Talk to your coworkers

No matter how well you plan out your day, your children will interrupt your work at some point.  Warn your colleagues ahead of time that things may go wrong.  For example, if you join a conference call tell others on the call that there are children in the house that may interrupt at some point.

Take breaks with the kids

The situation that we’re currently in isn’t easy for anyone.  Make sure you take time to switch off and relax with your kids.  Juggling work and childcare is an intense but survivable experience. Many remote workers successfully navigate this reality every day. While your situation is different from families who regularly work at home while taking care of children, you can build a temporary structure for your temporary circumstances. With a little bit of planning, lots of discussion, and an adaptable attitude, you’ll be able to better weather your COVID-19 stint at home with the kids.

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