The 11 Plus Exam Explained: Verbal Reasoning

Mums and dads are constantly trying to understand what the 11 plus exam actually involves and what the 11 plus myth actually is. This is one of four blog posts in our mini-series covering the four aspects of the 11 plus exam, namely:Verbal reasoningEnglishMathsNon-verbal reasoningSometimes the different subjects can change or go under similar names. … Read more

The 11 Plus Exam Explained: Maths

The 11 Plus Exam Explained Maths

Parents trying to find information on the 11 plus exam can stop looking. 11 Plus Success is bringing you a rundown on each aspect of the test so you can truly understand how your child will be assessed on the big day. Most 11 plus exams are split into four different topics. These are:MathsEnglishVerbal ReasoningNon-Verbal ReasoningStudents … Read more

What Are the Differences Between the CEM and GL Assessment 11 Plus Exam?

If you have just started researching the 11 plus exam, you may have come across two confusing terms. These terms are CEM and GL Assessment. They can be a head-scratcher, but don’t worry – we will clear them up and bust the myths on them right now. What Is CEM and GL Assessment? CEM and … Read more

Using Interactive Software to Learn: 10 benefits to kinaesthetic and visual learners

Using Interactive Software to Learn: 10 benefits to kinaesthetic and visual learners

The online EdTech space has surged in popularity use over the last years. Hundreds if not thousands of useful apps and online resources have been created to match the learning needs of all ages. From primary school kids to postdocs, the internet and technology are helping students make progress. Two cool examples are iPrompt and … Read more

How to revise reading comprehension

Reading comprehension is used in many parts of the UK in the 11 Plus Exams.  Unfortunately, it’s something that many children struggle to get to grips with.  In this post, we look at How to revise reading comprehension. What is reading comprehension? The majority of children don’t understand what comprehension means. Simply put, it means … Read more

How will the Covid-19 Pandemic affect the 11 Plus Exams?

With schools now only open to the children of key-workers, many parents may be wondering how will the Covid-19 Pandemic affect the 11 Plus Exams?  Grammar school places are allocated according to proven ability in the 11-Plus Exam.  Only candidates who have registered and sat the exam at the required time and have submitted a … Read more