What is the 11+ London Consortium?

If you are planning on applying to independent schools in London for your child, it might be a little easier and less stressful thanks to the London 11+ consortium.

Find out everything you need to know about the 11+ London consortium and its entrance exam here.

What is the London 11+ consortium?

The London 11+ consortium is currently made up of 11 independent schools based in London. These schools have agreed to use the same streamlined admissions process to make it easier for parents and the schools included.

Students benefit because they are only required to sit one entrance exam, with their result shared across all schools. Prior to this, the student may have had to sit an entrance exam for each school, which would not be the same. This coming together has also created more testing locations for added convenience.

The 11+ London consortium once went by the name of the North London Girls’ School Consortium.

What schools belong to the 11+ London Consortium?

The current schools that are part of the 11+ London Consortium are:

  1. St James’ Senior Girls School
  2. St Helen’s School
  3. South Hampstead High School
  4. Queen’s College London
  5. More House School
  6. Notting Hill and Ealing School
  7. Northwood College for Girls
  8. Godolphin and Latymer
  9. Francis Holland School Sloane Square
  10. Francis Holland School Regent’s Park
  11. Channing School

The London 11+ Consortium Test

The London 11+ consortium test is a paper-based test with a separate sheet for calculations and providing answers. Students are given 70 minutes to complete all of the exam, which covers:

  1. Maths
  2. Verbal reasoning
  3. Non-verbal reasoning
  4. English comprehension

Most, but not all, of the questions are multiple-choice.

The test is commissioned from CEM, which aims for the exam to be tutor-proof, relying on the student’s natural ability alone. However, there are ways you can still prepare for the test effectively – more on this to follow!

When is the test taken?

The London 11+ consortium exam is sat on the same day in January and cannot be retaken. Student will be asked to bring along a clear pencil case and their own stationery.

SEND candidates and the London 11+ Consortium

If your child has a disability that affects the speed of reading or writing, they may be able to get an additional 25% of the time limit to help them complete the test. The child will need to have a professional assessment to verify their reading and/or writing impediment. 

How to prepare for the London 11+ Consortium Exam

Students should prepare for the 11+ exam by using materials that cover the same topics covered in the exam. Studying generic maths and English resources probably won’t cut it.

You can always choose the convenient and effective option by choosing our 11 Plus Online Course. This 11+ course was designed by real 11+ tutors to provide interactive learning in maths, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

Read more about our London 11+ consortium test resource here!

Applying to the 11+ London Consortium – Key Dates!

The test is undoubtedly the most important part of the application process, but parents do need to be aware of other key dates. We’ve simplified the application key dates for you below:

Various dates – open days at each school for parents and children to visit and learn more.

Before November (Year 6) – register and apply to each of the schools within the consortium you want to apply to.

Before January (Year 6) – provide the schools with a detailed reference about academic ability and character from their current teacher.

January (Year 6) – take the 11+ Consortium London test, also known as the Cognitive Abilities Test.

February (Year 6) – your child may be asked to attend an interview for further assessment.

February (Year 6) – offers are made.

March (Year 6) – accept the offer by early March at the latest.

And remember to study for the 11+ exam!

11 Plus Success is a valuable tool for any parent wanting to support their child’s preparation for the 11+ London Consortium test.

Read more about our online 11+ course that covers the exact topics covered in the test, today!

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