ISEB Common Pre-Tests Explained

Is your child going to sit the ISEB pre-tests? Don’t panic – we have all the key details you need to know about the ISEB common pre-tests, right here! What are the ISEB common pre-tests? GL Assessment has commissioned computerised tests known as the ISEB Common Pre-Tests. Some senior schools use these tests to help … Read more

Can my child study in the UK?

The UK is renowned at home and abroad for its excellent universities, with thousands of foreign nationals arriving in the UK to study each year. But fewer people realise how many foreign children also come to the UK to attend school before university level. If you’re wondering if it’s possible to send your child to … Read more

Do online 11 plus practice papers resemble the real 11 plus exam?

You may be hearing parents and teachers encouraging children to carry out practice exams, and at 11 Plus Success we’re no different. There is a whole host of benefits that come with practice papers and if they are used to their maximum potential, it is a strong tool for success. Availability of Practice Papers One … Read more

Making 11+ Revision Fun! Stimulating Games to Enhance Learning

Day to day games and activities keep the brain engaged and often your child will not even realise these small puzzles are helping build up their logical brain. Although standard revision methods such as practice papers and online lessons are as important as ever, adding in a 30 minute fun activity here and there will … Read more