Do online 11 plus practice papers resemble the real 11 plus exam?

You may be hearing parents and teachers encouraging children to carry out practice exams, and at 11 Plus Success we’re no different. There is a whole host of benefits that come with practice papers and if they are used to their maximum potential, it is a strong tool for success. Availability of Practice Papers One … Read more

Making the Right Decision Now is Key to Gaining a Place at your chosen Grammar School

Grammar School

Since the breakout of the coronavirus COVID-19, life is not as it used to be. While the virus has struck millions at the physiological level bringing an end to thousands of precious lives, it has tremendously struck billions, the whole of humanity, at a psychological level. The uncertainty caused by this pandemic has changed the … Read more

Why Maths May Be More Important than Ever

Why Maths May Be More Important than Ever

“Do your maths homework!”   You may feel like a nagging parent when you have to repeatedly tell your child to practice their maths. But maths may become even more crucial for academic and professional success. Make sure your child is in prime position by emphasising the importance of maths. Maths Has Always Been Important! … Read more

The Importance of Non-Verbal Reasoning

The Importance of Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal reasoning (NVR) is a set of skills that help us to analyse visual information. By visual information, we are referring to sequences, numbers, shapes, codes, diagrams and patterns. NVR requires us to analyse these things in relation to other visual representations or answer questions on hypothetical situations.   For example, you may be looking … Read more

Can SPAG Prepare You for the 11 Plus Exam?

Can SPAG Prepare You for the 11 Plus Exam

SPAG is an acronym of the words spelling, punctuation and grammar. It is used to cover the different parts of English teaching. The term SPAG was introduced into the National School Curriculum back in 2014 because it wanted schools to place an emphasis on these parts of English language learning.   But is it useful … Read more