How to revise reading comprehension

Reading comprehension is used in many parts of the UK in the 11 Plus Exams.  Unfortunately, it’s something that many children struggle to get to grips with.  In this post, we look at How to revise reading comprehension.

What is reading comprehension?

The majority of children don’t understand what comprehension means. Simply put, it means understanding. So, in their 11 Plus Exams, children will be expected to show that they understand what a piece of text is about.  They’ll need to be able to read the text, have a sense of what it is about and understand what the words within it mean. 

Attention to detail is important

Children will be expected to be able to read between the lines when it comes to comprehension, and they’ll need to be able to read and answer questions clearly and carefully.  They are expected to be able to write their answers in full sentences.

What are the common problems when it comes to  comprehension?

The most common problem when it comes to comprehension related questions is that the child reads the texts too quickly and tries to answer without fully understanding what they’re being asked about.  Some forget to look back at the text when answering the questions so forget key details.  

What key areas should you focus on when it comes to revision?

When it comes to revision, the best thing that you can do is help your child to develop a plan to answer the question.

Advise them to read the text and questions carefully,  before doing anything. Tell them to answer all questions in full sentences, unless asked to do otherwise and most importantly, advise them to check each answer carefully.

Reading is a great way to develop comprehension skills, to encourage your child to pick up a book.  Talk to them about what they’re reading – encourage them to think between the lines. Make reading something you enjoy doing together.

How can we help?

We hope that you have found this ‘how to revise reading comprehension’ post useful.

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