How will the Covid-19 Pandemic affect the 11 Plus Exams?

With schools now only open to the children of key-workers, many parents may be wondering how will the Covid-19 Pandemic affect the 11 Plus Exams? 

Grammar school places are allocated according to proven ability in the 11-Plus Exam.  Only candidates who have registered and sat the exam at the required time and have submitted a school application by a set deadline will be considered for a place.  While we are still awaiting clarification from the government, it remains unknown when UK schools will reopen. For parents who wish to apply for a Grammar School place for their child for September 2021, we would advise you to follow the usual application process (which will vary from school to school).  Upon further Government announcement, we will clarify when the selection exams for September 2021 will take place.

If you have a Year 5 child and are worried about the impact time of school is having upon their learning, we may be able to help.  On our YouTube channel we have whole host of sample lessons for your child to enjoy, as well as information on how to help your child to prepare for their 11 plus exam.

Many parents do not have the time to help or the disposable income to pay for a private tutor and therefore need another solution. That’s where we come in. We offer a renowned online course that helps students prepare for their 11 plus exam in the best way possible, making tutoring and revising affordable and accessible at all times.

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