Study Centres Vs Learning Online: What to Choose for 11+?

Study centres are not just for university students to go to and get their assignments done. Younger students – even at Key Stage 2 – can attend study centres around the UK. These centres are set up to leverage learning, and many of them can help study for the 11+ exam.

Within these study centres you will find lots of space, resources and even on-site tutors ready to deliver individual private lessons, or maybe even group classes. Some parents choose to take their children to these centres to boost study motivation and encourage them to learn, while receiving stellar educational amenities

Some examples of excellent study centres are KSOL, Explore Learning, Kumon and Kips McGrath. These places are a great choice if you want to enhance 11 plus preparations, although not all of them focus on the exact topics of the 11 plus exam. Some may dedicate their centres to specific subjects like maths and English – which still come in useful for the 11 plus test!

The Benefits of Using Study Centres

When you attend one of the best study centres in the UK, like the ones mentioned above, there are some real benefits to reap:

  • These are designed to help children reach their potential
  • Convenient for busy parents
  • Increase motivation to learn and study
  • On-site resources and tutors for you to take advantage of
  • Clean, friendly and welcoming spaces
  • Lots of options across the UK (accessible!)

The Main Benefits of Studying Online

Study centres are a smart choice when preparing for the 11 plus exam, but some would argue that online learning is equally as smart.

Online courses can a new level of convenience because they can be accessed from home or anywhere you need them (maybe even at a study centre). Instead of having to spend money and time driving to study centres and back, everything you need is brought to your at-home study space.

If you choose the best online courses, you will also benefit from interactive classes designed to engage, valuable content – and maybe even a gamification aspect to learning that keeps students motivated.

What Is Better for the 11 Plus Exam?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. You could get equally great results if you learn online or study by attending some of the aforementioned excellent centres. If your child doesn’t study well at home, then maybe a centre is the best choice. Yet, if your family needs convenience and affordability, working solo from home may be the go-to option.

If possible, combining visits to a study centre and an online course will be a good strategy to attack 11+ preparations.

However, the most important aspect of 11 plus preparations is knowing what to prepare for. The 11 plus exam is not like any other exam and it covers topics your child does not learn within the classroom. You need to use specific 11 plus resources to make sure they get the best mark they can – and get into your chosen grammar school!

Our Online 11 Plus Masterclass 

But that can easily be achieved if you consider our online 11 plus course at 11 Plus Success. We have created a course that is:

  • Packed with interactive lessons and videos
  • Created by specialised 11 plus tutors
  • Covers all four aspects of typical 11 plus exams
  • Suitable for both CEM and GL Assessment variations of the 11+ exam
  • boosts study motivation with tailored progressions and explanations
  • And much more!

Learn about our online 11+ course and get in touch if you have questions!

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