Using Gamification to Enhance Learning

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Gamification has been identified to have huge benefits in many industries. It can be an innovative way to enhance products and processes and make them appeal to a certain market. Education is one area where gamification can be most beneficial – and 11 Plus Success has been exploring the possibilities of gamification to increase learning … Read more

Grammar Schools Improve Oxbridge Chances!

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Opportunity is a topic of conversation that interests everyone from politicians to parents. Without opportunities to grasp, life experiences can be limited and quality of life can be reduced. Different types of opportunities can present themselves. Children may be born into a family running a specific type of business, we may even get a little … Read more

Why Does My Child Not Want to Study?

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A common topic of conversation at the school gates between parents is how their children love to or hate to learn. Some children appear to be destined for the academic stars with their thirst for knowledge and dedication to their schoolbooks. Others would rather play video games and avoid their homework at all costs. When … Read more