Free 11+ Revision Resources for Home Learning

Things as we know them now have changed drastically over the past few months and we saw home became the new classroom for many students across the UK. Although we are slowly creeping back to normality, online resources have become vital for many which is why we would love to help you and your child out with free 11+ resources to ace the test!

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Free 11+ Vocabulary List

Achieving a high mark requires knowledge of a wide range of vocabulary. Both the English and Verbal reasoning sections test vocabulary, and there are a lot of words out there to learn. Our vocabulary list has been pulled together by 11+ tutors who know the most commonly misused words, helping your child to get ahead of the game!

We know it is tricky having so much to memorise, so we recommend selecting a few words each week to practice. Test your child on the previous weeks’ and build up their vocabulary in no time.

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Downloadable Practice Papers

Carrying out practice papers before test day is crucial for understanding how your child is performing and identifying any areas for improvement. It is a great idea to practice these in timed exam conditions to replicate the real thing and make the big day less daunting.

Our papers have been tailored by experts to the 11+ exams (for both the CEM and GL style exams) at absolutely no cost to you. Answer sheets are included to identify how your child is performing.

Reading List for 9-10 Year Olds

As much as we love to study, it is important to maintain a balanced schedule and continue with everyday activities. Regular reading is great exercise for the brain, with improving concentration, developing vocabulary, and reducing stress being just a few of the benefits. We’ve pulled together some of our students’ favourite reads which we highly recommend trying out! The options cover fiction and non-fiction books ranging from the classics to magical tales, there is bound to be some great hits with your child.

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