Can SPAG Prepare You for the 11 Plus Exam?

SPAG is an acronym of the words spelling, punctuation and grammar. It is used to cover the different parts of English teaching. The term SPAG was introduced into the National School Curriculum back in 2014 because it wanted schools to place an emphasis on these parts of English language learning.

But is it useful for 11 plus preparations?

Why Is Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Crucial?

Spelling, punctuation and grammar are important to young learners. Understanding the common English mistakes early - and how not to make them - will prevent them from becoming a habit.

All these areas of English can help children develop the skills to build their life. From forms to fill in and CVs to write, the skills they develop through SPAG are lifelong and valuable.

It is reported that 50% of Britons struggle with the correct use of the apostrophe. By committing to English classes and their homework, your child can beat much of the competition when they are older, just by learning simple rules for the correct use of English.  

Can SPAG Materials Prepare You for the 11+ Exam?

To answer this question, you should first know what is included in the 11 plus exam. There are two sections of most 11 plus exams that your child will benefit from by developing SPAG. One of those is the English section and the other is the verbal reasoning part.

Some of the skills needed to be good at SPAG will help children answer these questions correctly. However, the questions in the 11 plus exam usually push the boundaries of what is taught in school. In fact, most if not all of the verbal reasoning questions will not even be looked at in your child’s classroom.

For this reason, SPAG will help – but it is not the answer to preparing for the 11 plus exam. If you want to get into a UK grammar school, there are better ways to prepare.

The Better Way to Prepare for the 11 Plus Exam

A better way to prepare for the 11 plus exam is to use a professional 11 plus tutor. These people know all about one of the most unique exams ever made in the UK. They will be able to help children handle its difficulty and peculiarity.

Some parents do not see this as an option because meeting tutors can be inconvenient and also expensive. An alternative is an online 11 plus course. Our course is developed by the same experienced 11+ tutors and created to be engaging for unmotivated students.

Find out about our affordable and convenient option here!

Need Other Tips for 11 Plus Excellence?

Before you get up and go, here are some bonus tips for preparing for the exam:

  • Create a study schedule
  • Use 11 plus specific materials
  • Consider tutoring and our online course
  • Increase your child’s vocabulary with our FREE vocab list
  • Make it a team effort!
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