The Importance of Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal reasoning (NVR) is a set of skills that help us to analyse visual information. By visual information, we are referring to sequences, numbers, shapes, codes, diagrams and patterns. NVR requires us to analyse these things in relation to other visual representations or answer questions on hypothetical situations.

For example, you may be looking at a shape and asked to point out what this shape would look like if it was rotated 180 degrees and turned upside down. To do this you would need to have knowledge of 180 degrees (maths knowledge) and then be able to use your reasoning skills to rotate the shape and find the correct answer.

This is just one example of many different types of questions testing NVR.

Why Is Non-Verbal reasoning (NVR) Important?

But why do our children need to be good at NVR? Is it really an important skill to develop and what benefits can it offer?

NVR intelligence is crucial because it allows pupils to solve complex visual problems without being limited by linguistics or numerical limitations. Some common physics, science and maths problems rely on the student’s reasoning as well as hard knowledge.

But NVR is not just important for our children when facing an exam or quiz. These skills are transferrable and can be put into other non-academic aspects of their lives. We could use the same visual skills to organise our belongings, pack a bag and manage our time.

These skills are sometimes described as “common sense”. That is not 100% true but there is some element of truth in it. People with a high IQ may or may not be able to interact with others easily or be organised. While those with excellent NVR skills are more likely to do things outside of academia well, such as build furniture or do their grocery shopping more efficiently.

Overall, NVR is for inside and outside of school!

NVR and the 11 Plus Exam

The 11 plus exam is famous for its verbal and non-verbal reasoning sections. These are two of the trickiest parts of the test. You can learn more NVR questions on the 11 plus exam on our blog, but we can give you a crash course right here…

  • NVR usually makes up 25%-33% of the exam topics
  • NVR questions are rarely if ever covered inside school time
  • Maths skills can help with NVR but it will not be enough to succeed
  • Interactive technologies can help students prepare with visual aids

Getting Better at NVR for 11+

If you want to help your child improve their NVR skills, do not rely on Maths materials or their school. You should seek out specific NVR resources or tutors. 

If you want to develop NVR specifically for the grammar school entrance exam, look no further than our online 11 plus course which covers NVR extensively with easy-to-follow examples and explanations.

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