Five Benefits of 11 Plus Online Preparation Courses

As a parent, preparing for the 11 plus exam can make your head spin. How many hours does your child need to study? When should they start additional study? And what do they need to help them succeed? In reality, every child and 11 plus online preparation is different. Yet, there are reasons to answer the last question with an 11 plus preparation course.

You may not be able to devote as much time as you would like to help your child yourself. Tutors can be a good alternative, but these can be expensive and also cost you in travel time. So, what are your other options? An 11 plus preparation course can be the answer for the whole family – and here’s why!

1. They Work around You!

One of the biggest reasons that parents choose an online course for their child is because they are always accessible and make learning 100% flexible. Studying is possible at any time and in any place, always working around your schedule.

2. Performance Tracking

The best 11 plus preparation courses include a personal online space where learners can track their progress. This is fantastic for the child because they can see themselves improving and as a result their confidence can grow. It’s also great for parents because parents can log in too and monitor progress and check that they have been studying as much as they say they have.

3. 11+ Specific

There is no denying that a qualified and experienced tutor could prepare your child for their grammar school entrance exam. However, you are guaranteed that your child will receive the exact subject and course matter they need to pass their 11 plus exam, if you use an 11+ preparation course. These courses are tailored to the content of the exam and cover the four main concepts: maths, English, and verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

4. Structured and Motivating!

Some 11 plus preparation courses, like the course available at 11 Plus Success, are structured to allow for gradual progressions in a timely and achievable manner. This means learners can improve at a steady pace. Moreover, achievements are recognised and students are awarded certificates to boost their motivation to keep learning.

5. Cost-Effective

Any investment in your child’s education is worthwhile. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to find cost-effective ways to help them develop. When preparing for grammar school entrance exams, an online preparation course remains one of the most affordable on the market. Most qualified home tutors will cost a lot more and may not give you better results.

Considering an Online 11+ Course for Your Child?

If the benefits of an online 11 plus course leave you wanting to know more, browse more 11 plus discussions on our blog. Or you can check out the 11 plus preparation course offered by 11 Plus Success. We’ve already helped lots of grammar school hopefuls improve their skills to ace the test!

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