Free 11+ Vocabulary List

We have now topped up our selection of free 11 plus resources with a vocabulary cheat sheet. This vocabulary sheet is absolutely free to download from our site and will become a valuable tool to help your child study for the exam.

Words can be tricky, even for us grown-ups, but the bottom line is that excellent vocabulary is key to 11 plus success.

Download your 100% free vocabulary list and get ready for the exam the right way!

Why Vocabulary Is Important in 11 Plus Exams

The 11 plus exam requires your child to know a wide range vocabulary to achieve a high mark. There are two specific parts of the exam that test your child’s vocabulary, namely the English section and the Verbal Reasoning part.  Only with a strong vocabulary and understanding of synonyms and antonyms can your child ace the test and we’re here to help you with our vocabulary cheat sheet!

How to Use Our Vocabulary Cheat Sheet

The vocabulary list available here has been created by 11 plus tutors who know which words children usually get wrong the most.  Make them a welcome visitor rather than an uninvited guest by helping your child learn what they mean.

Now that you have them downloaded; how can these words be learnt?  Here is a great way to study these words.

  • Pick a small number of words to learn each week (5-10)
  • Write down their definitions (use a dictionary!)
  • Test your child to see if they remember
  • Once complete, move on to another set of words
  • Keep testing on the previous set as you move down the list
  • Once you have completed the list, start looking for synonyms of these words
  • Once you have studied the synonyms and written them down, consider if there are antonyms to these words – and learn these as well

There are lots of words to learn and study, which is why this process will take months when done correctly. That’s why it’s recommended to start preparing early!

Other Ways to Improve Vocabulary

The good news is that there are lots of ways your child can expand their vocabulary and become a linguistic genius.

One of the best and easiest way is to simply read more.  Reading materials don’t have to be directly educational. You can give them novels, comics or you can even read study tips from our 11 Plus Success blog!

Because lots of children enjoy reading, they can improve their vocabulary without even realising it.  Encourage your child to ask about words they do not understand so that they actively seek out new word definitions.

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