What Is a Virtual Tutor?

There is a growing trend in the number of people working outside of the office. Last year, it was found by the Office for National Statistics that over 1.5 million people in the UK are remote workers. These professionals are working different jobs from website design to copywriting and illustration to digital marketing.

Some are also working as virtual tutors. But what is a virtual tutor? What can they offer? Are there different types of virtual tutors? This post will answer these questions and more.

What Is a Virtual Tutor?

A virtual tutor does the same job as a regular tutor, but they do it from a distance. They will deliver lessons in maths, English, science and many other educational subjects using video calling and by sharing screens or printout materials.

Many virtual tutors are teaching English as a foreign language to children in Asia and South America, from the comfort of their home in the UK, USA or Australia. However, virtual tutors may also teach subjects to children and adults in their home country.

The Benefits of a Virtual Tutor

Virtual tutoring is all made possible because of quicker internet speeds and a computer. Most households in the UK have access to both, making it seamless for parents to book virtual tutors for their children preparing to take exams. Here are some more benefits of using virtual tutors:

  • No need for transport costs to get to in-person tutoring sessions
  • Saves times and adds convenience
  • Parents are not limited to the tutors working near where they live
  • Some virtual tutors come as part of other service packages – just like at 11 Plus Success!
  • Students feel comfortable to learn in their own home
  • There are also logistical and financial benefits for the virtual tutor

Different Types of Virtual Tutors

Virtual tutors may specialise in one or a select few subjects. Some virtual tutors may even only offer support for the 11 plus exam – but subjects are not the only differences when it comes to the type of virtual tutors.

Some virtual tutors offer full lessons that may be an hour in duration or longer. Other tutors may offer support by being highly responsive when students encounter a problem within self-directed study.

Both of these have their merit. The former is beneficial to those studying a completely new subject, while the latter is appropriate for students who understand most topics and can study effectively on their own but may need guidance at certain stages.

Are Virtual Tutors Available at 11 Plus Success?

11 Plus Success is offering students who are enrolled in the Premium Package their very own virtual tutor. This tutor will not deliver lessons via a video because all of our lessons have been pre-designed and provided within our 11 Plus Course. Instead, the virtual tutor will be on call for when things get a little tricky.

Parents may be able to help their children when they are stuck on a lesson. However, 11 Plus Success’s virtual tutor is a trained professional and has extended experience in preparing children specifically for the 11 plus exam – insider tips and tricks included!

Learn About Our Premium Packages Now!

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