The Benefits of an Online 11 Plus Course for Remote Working Parents

During the coronavirus crisis, an online 11 plus course can help parents by helping their children learn independently. 

When preparing for the 11 plus test, parent and child teams usually have three main revision options. They can employ a private tutor, work together to understand the exam’s demands and what needs to be learned, or they can use an online 11 plus course.

Unlike the former two, an online course offers exceptional flexibility and independence. This can be beneficial for busy parents and parents who work remotely. Learn more here!

What Is an Online 11 Plus Course?

An online 11 plus course is a resource that helps children prepare for the 11 plus exam. It does this by covering the same topics that the test will, namely the four pillars of the 11 plus exam. There are different courses available, and the best have been devised by 11 plus experts and long-term 11 plus tutors.

Because the 11 plus course is so unique, these courses are especially effective at helping children pass the test. This is mainly because no other method of studying caters to the demands of the exam. 

The Benefits for Remote Working Parents

At the time of writing, COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has become a pandemic and caused UK schools to close and more parents than normal to work from home. For these parents, it can be difficult to juggle their online meetings and deadlines with children nearby – and a barking dog.

Online courses just like the 11 plus course can be a solution by enabling independent learning. Children simply log in to their own portal and start lessons by themselves. So, even when schools are shut there are ways your child can continue their education – without disturbing your own remote working.

But they are not just effective during these unprecedented times. Online courses offer flexible and independent learning all year round. When you are busy and do not have the time to help your child learn, an 11 plus course can step in!

What If Your Child Still Needs Guidance?

Sometimes children will thrive with the online course and never need any more support, leaving you to concentrate on household tasks and work. In other times, children may require an extra helping hand to overcome a knowledge gap or a topic that they just don’t get.

If parents are really busy and are not able to help their children straight away, they can always choose to buy a one-off 11 plus private tutoring session. 11 Plus Success offers these extra sessions that can be purchased as a one-off with absolutely no commitments. 

Choose 11 Plus Success!

11 Plus Success offers a new online course created by experienced tutors with a proven track record of getting kids into grammar schools. Our course is made to engage students and help them discover answers by themselves.

If you are a remote working parent and want a way to help your child prepare for the 11 plus exam on their own, consider our course!

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