Why Maths May Be More Important than Ever

“Do your maths homework!”

You may feel like a nagging parent when you have to repeatedly tell your child to practice their maths. But maths may become even more crucial for academic and professional success. Make sure your child is in prime position by emphasising the importance of maths.

Maths Has Always Been Important!

Maths has long been one of the most important subjects at school. It is one of the core subjects that future employers will look at no matter what job they apply for.

Getting good at maths at an early age can build confidence and lead to a brighter future. Some of the best university courses that lead to higher-paying careers start with a solid knowledge of maths. That’s why it is one of the STEM subjects, along with science, technology and English.

Maths Is Key for Grammar Schools

Maths is also an essential skill if you want your child to attend a grammar school. Studies have shown that grammar schools can lead to better ranking universities and improve the student’s future life quality. But to get into one of these schools, your child will need to pass an exam called the 11 plus test, otherwise written as 11+.

The exam is usually split into different parts and always includes a maths section. Another part of the test is non-verbal reasoning which similarly demands the learner to be adept in maths.

If you’re thinking about trying for a grammar school, you can learn more about the entrance exam right here!

The New Reasons Why Maths Is Important

It is fair to say that our skills with numbers can have a huge influence on our future. Those early maths lessons can reshape what we go on to do and achieve.

But there may be even more reasons to make sure our children practice maths today than ever before. Many of the new jobs are being invented because of technologies such as blockchain, big data, data analysis and coding. Don’t worry if you don’t know the ins-and-outs of these things, all you need to know is that to be good at making or using them, you need to have advanced levels of maths.

If that wasn’t enough, a new trend in the way we work from home may add another reason why maths is crucial. Today, and due to lockdown restrictions at the time of writing, more people are working remotely from home. They are having to use more CRM tools, spreadsheets and similar software that require maths skills to understand and use.

If the remote working trend continues to grow, so will the demand for numerical wizards!

Get off to a Flyer!

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