11 Plus Exams: A Controversial Conversation

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Education is a hot topic among policymakers, media outlets and parents gathering at school gates. Not everyone can agree on everything, but everyone is trying to provide solutions to make schooling systems and children’s learning experiences better. One topic that has divided opinion for years is the 11 plus exam and grammar schools. Not everyone agrees … Read more

11 Plus Exam: The full journey

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Need a one-stop blog that covers everything you want to know about the 11 plus exam? This is one of our special posts unpacking all the key information that parents are looking for, 11 plus boogie monsters included. From Grammar Schools to the 11 plus appeals procedure, you can find all the details right here. … Read more

Tips on Studying for the 11 Plus Exam

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Parents and children gather around. If you’re hoping to get into a high-flying Grammar School, you will probably know all about the 11 plus exam already – but fear not!  These Grammar School Entrance Exams are made to put kids to the test but they are far from undefeatable. Every year, hundreds of children pass the … Read more

How Do I Prepare for My 11 Plus Exam?

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If you’re the parent of a child taking the 11 plus exam, you may have received a lot of questions recently. Aside from your child asking for another serving of ice cream or another hour in front of the TV, they will hopefully have asked some questions about the exam. They may have asked for more … Read more

How Do I Pass the 11+ Exams?

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If you found yourself reading this blog post, you’re likely to be a young and bright student preparing for your 11 plus exam – or the parent of a young and bright child. The million-pound question is how do you pass the 11 plus exam? The 11 plus exam is the assessment used by Grammar Schools … Read more

Why Are Parents Choosing Grammar Schools?

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Every parent wants their child to experience first-class education. The best teachers, safe learning environments and classes which will ignite their thirst for knowledge are a must. One way of ensuring your child receives all of these things – and much more – is at an excellent grammar school.  Parents in England and Northern Ireland are … Read more

Study Tips for Younger Students (And Their Parents!)

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When a place at an excellent grammar school is up for grabs, revising and studying is crucial. Young learners can feel the pressure at taking an important exam at just 10 or 11 years old, and as a result, they can struggle to concentrate or be filled with anxiety. Parents can make their children feel less … Read more

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

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Some parental battles have changed over the years. Fewer of us have to entice children down a tree or in from the park for dinner. And more have to wage a digital war over time spent on devices. If you’ve noticed your child spending more time gaming or browsing YouTube videos after school, you may want … Read more

Are All 11 Plus Exams the Same?

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Lots of parents each year sit with crossed fingers, legs and toes hoping their child will be accepted into an excellent grammar school. By all means, a grammar school is not a make-or-break moment for any child, but these schools have been known to nurture talented students and help them excel. Students who want to get … Read more